The Knoll – Website revamp

The Knoll Historic Guest Farm is a beautiful property in the Midlands, KZN, South Africa offering accommodation, a wedding venue, as well as events. They came to me to help them revamp their website as their old site just wasn’t working for them.

The old website

Pain points:

  1. They did not know how to make updates or changes themselves. They had to rely on their developer to make any changes whatsoever leaving them at the mercy of his time.
  2. The site was not user friendly.
  3. There was too much text but it was not clear what they actually did.
  4. The site was not mobile responsive.


  1. Clear contact and booking information.
  2. A page per service so that people can quickly find the information that they need.
  3. Lots of imagery and galleries as this is what ‘sells’ the property.
  4. We moved them from a Joomla site to WordPress so that they can access the site themselves and make changes on their own.

This site was such a dream to work on as I was given free rein to make something that both looked visually appealing and functioned well to get people to book through their site rather than through third parties who take a large cut of the profits. I set up custom email addresses so that inquiries get channeled to the right people making all processes more streamlined and manageable for everyone involved in the management of The Knoll.

In order to make sure that the owners are able to update the site themselves, I created custom tutorials that sit on their dashboard so that they can view them as soon as they log in. We also had some training sessions to make sure that they know exactly how everything works.

The Knoll’s rankings on Google have improved and they are now getting more bookings directly through their website than through other booking agencies!