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Postural Integration and Alignment with Leonie Maré as the Facilitator

During Lockdown I do DISTANT healing and times am very flexible. 30 min sessions. Also, Skype sessions. Skype handle: leoniehealth

Postural Integration® is a way of helping individuals become aware of themselves in their body and to empower them to change themselves – their bodies, feelings, and thoughts. It is a powerful tool for enabling clients to increase their sense of well-being, their capacity to feel, their ability to express, their self-awareness and consciousness. It is a very deep tissue ‘massage’ and release.

The body follows the mind like a shadow

Each muscle of the body is given attention in accordance and to work in harmony with the whole body and to guide it back to full potential of movement.  Our outlook on life is improved as well as our truth deep within ourselves.

A PI Facilitator uses fingers, hands, fists, and elbows to shift layers of tissue to reorganize the muscular system. No oils are used.

The therapy is a neuro/muscular connection. This means that as muscles are employed, the brain receives all the signals and processes them on a holistic basis (body, thoughts, and soul).

PI is of use and contributes to the long-lasting and improved quality of our lives and emotions.

All the systems of the body are considered and strengthened: smell, sound, sight, skin, hair, nails, skeletal muscles and nerves as well as the endocrine, lymphatic, breath, digestion, urinary and reproduction systems. The laws of nature are revered, used, and applied. 

Persons with headaches back and/or neck aches and any problem in the body benefit. Attention is given to movement breath and sound. Many clients come for the therapy to enrich their lives.

Postural Integration access the TOTAL human being’s SELF-CORRECTIVE AND SELF-HEALING process.

Postural Integration is not a diagnosis, treatment or prevention of physical or mental defects, illnesses or deficiencies in human kind; nor is it a substitute for any methodology whose focus is the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of physical or mental defects, illnesses or deficiencies in human kind.

Also offering

Thai foot massage, Thai massage, healing touch and Cranio Sacral soft energy adjustments. Reiki and Karuna Ki


  • Thai Intro 1 day workshop (head, neck, shoulders and back)
  • Thai foot massage 2 day workshop

About Leonie

4/08/2001 Qualified as Postural Integration Therapist from the International Centre for release and integration (3 years modality) Mill Valley California 
Beverly Wilkinson, Martyne (Painter) Viens, Jack Painter.

Leonie Mare is a certified Postural Integration (PI) Facilitator, governed by the International Council of Psycho-corporal Trainers ICPIT), under the auspices of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy (EABP).


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