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At the Centre for Wellness & Wellbeing, and together with Sacred Farmhouse, I offer opportunities for restoration, transformation and a return to wholeness. The essence here is time and space to retreat, nurture and heal.

I am blessed with a beautiful sanctuary in the Baynesfield area in the KZN Midlands, from where I offer energy healing treatments that incorporate interventions, techniques and tools from various healing modalities including Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine, Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Tibetan Energy and Angelic Reiki. Other tools that support my work are divine beings of love and light, crystals, essences, colours, sacred geometry and a multitude of healing light frequencies and codes. It’s all about recalibrating your being to become re-aligned with your holy self and higher dimensional frequencies that are for your greatest and highest good at that time. These treatments are beneficial on all levels, physiologically, emotionally, psychologically & spiritually and can be done as one on one or as distance treatments.

I believe that we are great beings, not just a physical body, and when we can embrace all that we are and shine our greatest light, life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling. This is why a holistic approach to being in this world is imperative and most important to survival and optimal functioning.

Sacred Farmhouse, the best place for soul retreats, has three accommodation units available in a secure, tranquil and beautiful property – the Garden Suite, the Garden Cottage and Saligna Cottage. In the expansive garden you will find places to rest, read, meditate or just be – in the pyramid or Kindness Corner, at the For Giving gong or under a tree. We offer this space primarily for private self-retreats to assist you with reconnecting with your self, with your soul and with the divine. An optional extra would be to book a healing treatment while you are here. Should you be inspired to come in a small group and would like me to include a light-hearted, creative and meaningful aspect, I would be happy to facilitate a soul workshop based on a co-created meaningful focus. There is a vegetable garden, from which you are welcome to add little bits to your self-catering menu, and on request, we offer delicious home-made bread.

As I walk my path in this life, I pray that grace, love and joy over-light every step I take, and I look forward to being a part of your healing journey if what I offer resonates with your heart.

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