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Hi my name is Eva and I have had the privilege of working with, studying about, playing with and being surrounded by some of the finest Crystals available from the Mineral Kingdom since 1992.

During this time, I have acquired a deep respect for and understanding of the immediate, harmonious, balancing effect that they can introduce into our lives on a basic level while simultaneously being able to expose us to the true meaning of some of the complexities we as humans face on a daily basis.

I feel that it is the constant, stable molecular structure of each individual crystal and gemstone that sets a subtle example which allows the constantly fluctuating human body and mind to get back into a natural state of balance and harmony or innate health.

References to using Crystals and Gemstones for healing and empowering human conditions can be found throughout the recorded history of humans.

Appearing in various Religious and Cultural texts from Ancient to Modern times.

The current “revival” of Crystal Therapy probably started in the 1970’s when scientists were able to prove and acknowledge the existence of subtle energy bodies or Auras around living matter through the use of Kirlian photography.

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