Debbie Raw – Kinesiologist & Advance TRE provider

I have been a specialized kinesiologist in Howick for over 20 yrs.

KINESIOLOGY is a complementary health practice or natural medicine field. . Kinesiology uses “”muscle testing “”as a neurological tool, to identify imbalances in the body structural, chemical , emotional and meridian energy field (electromagnetic pathways in the body- often compromised by our now highly electromagnetic world). The muscle testing also guides the practitioner to the most appropriate “correction/ treatment protocol” for that person. Kinesiology combines the wisdom of both western and eastern medicine.

Our bodies are naturally self regulating systems, but because of the stress and demands of modern life/ diet/ work/school/study pressures/ relationships/ lack or excess exercise etc. we move beyond our ability to compensate and present with symptoms that don’t want to resolve, even with medications/ herbs/ supplements, treatments etc

Kinesiologists do not diagnose or treat specific conditions, because we do not work according to the medical model of disease. We work within the paradigm of balancing the whole body’s energetic systems , so the innate wisdom of the body can heal itself.

Dis-ease whether physical, mental or emotional happens when we have stressed these systems beyond our individual point of compensation- that’s when we often have symptoms that we battle to resolve, even with medication/therapies either allopathic or complementary. EVERYONE IS UNIQUE, OUR BODIES ARE OUR HISTORY .

I like to firstly address my client’s Blood type- as it is now scientifically recognised that each blood type has its genetic strengths and weaknesses. Certain foods and stress can cause genetic triggers to show physically and/or emotionally. I like to educate people to become more aware of their choices, both in their relationship to food and stress management.

In Kinesiology we are also looking for unresolved physical and emotional shock/trauma. Our society does not give a person much ‘’time’’ to recover from sometimes significant “”trauma/ life/ situation “changes. So it is not unusual for a body system to become dis-eased/not functioning properly, as our body demands we address the past hurts/ stressors in a safe , nurturing , and totally confidential environment .

Trauma / Tension Release Exercises

I have been a TRE practitioner for 8 yrs and this is a wonderful, gentle modality of addressing both soft and hard trauma, and accumulated stress .It is used by the US military for their returning soldiers and has been endorsed by Medical services in this country. (trainees receive CPD points).

Hard trauma for example – sudden loss of loved one, surgery, domestic violence ,rape, military service, divorce, hijacking, home invasion, car accident, retrenchment, emigration, etc

Soft trauma examples ,- Bullied at school/ work, time, money , relationship demands, .stress around computers, driving, ongoing security issues.

Trauma now redefined—as a state of HELPLESSNESS

Tre involves being guided through a series of exercises which encourage our body to release unresolved trauma/ tension patterns through gentle neurogenic tremors. Neurogenic tremors help to regulate our overproduction of adrenaline and cortisol and improve the regulation of our autonomic nervous system.

It is a wonderful exercise program to learn to keep stress of modern life more under control.

Tre can be done as individuals or in family or friend groups up to 4 people.

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