Embodied Therapy

What is Embodied Therapy?

As human beings our native language is the language of the body. We communicate through  our bodies; approximately 93% of all our communication is nonverbal. Our body is also our home and has access to wisdom beyond what you can access through thinking and talking.  However most of us reside in our heads causing a mind-body separation, which is amplified by stress, trauma, and anxiety.

Embodied Therapy aims to integrate interactions between the mind and body through mindful awareness, using sensory information to guide the therapeutic process. This means we incorporate techniques that bring you into a deeper connection with the felt sense in your body which provides important feedback to release and transmute deeply held emotions, stress and tension and allows you to return to your natural state of wholeness.

What are the benefits of Embodied Therapy?

  • A deep sense of connection to your true nature, authenticity, others and the environment.
  • Being able to feel the inter-connectedness of life and to feel a part of it
  • Bring together all aspects of yourself (mind, body, spirit, emotions)
  • Healing at the root cause, end destructive patterns, emotional relief and resilience
  • Heal and integrate inner parts, self knowledge, self love, increased self awareness and intuition
  • Resource yourself, set boundaries, build self confidence
  • Work with and heal ancient family traumas, let go and feel better
  • Gain insight and perspective and neutralise overwhelming feelings
  • Improved decision making in complex and challenging situations
  • Bring back the sacred (respect) and cultivate presence

Is this for me?

IF you feel anxious, overwhelmed and want to make sense of things, if you are looking to explore and develop a relationship with your inner being, if you are an intensely emotional person, if there is something ‘stuck’ inside of you,  if you want to feel calm and need a set of useful tools available for when things get hard, if you feel powerless or insufficient, if you are battling with a relationship/s, if you feel like you are not aligned with your true self, if you feel deep down  that there’s more to life than ‘this’, if you have a sense that a wild part of your nature is calling… then this is for you.

Who am I

Hi! My name is Jessica I am a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program), EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement, Reprocessing and Desensitisation), Family and Business Constellations practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I come from a background in Nature Conservation and Education and now consider myself a ‘Nature Guide’ of a different kind – assisting you to navigate the ‘wilderness within’. My role is to guide you through various embodied processes that help you uncover and feel your truth, the truth that brings you back into alignment with who you really are. My special interests lie in relationships to the self (inner parts) and others, overcoming anxiety and past trauma, re-wilding (returning to our more natural state), and connecting to nature. I believe it is our birthright to feel good so I’m always looking for natural, practical ways to make this real.

What to expect

One-to-one sessions

I practice from home or online via Zoom / WhatsApp video calls. We start with a discussion to see what would benefit you most. We then map out the issue at hand, to understand it more deeply and in the process we are guided by feelings, words, images, memories and the body. Welcoming, transforming, releasing and healing, whatever comes up into awareness. Because this is an embodied experience, you actively take part in your own healing.  I usually integrate a few different processes to meet your specific needs.

Cost and Opening Hours : R400/hour Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8am to 5pm. Weekends on special request.


Free-Movement, group sessions (Expressive Dance). This is all about listening and responding to your body while you move. We use music and movement, two powerful languages of the soul,  to connect to our bodies, explore emotions and  intuition, to express ourselves and.. let it all go. You don’t have to be a dancer. Only willing to feel, move and let go.

Therapeutic Wilderness Walks – Silent walks in nature and solitaire. Time to reconnect with ourselves and nature.

Celebrations – Celebrating important life transitions; success, birth, engagement, death, conscious uncoupling, rites of passage, coming of age, letting go/change etc.

Quiet time and Meditation – Learning the skills and practice of meaningful meditation. Exploring different types of quiet time like meditation, sound journeys  and creative visualisation. In order to relax, de-stress, access our personal resources and experience a mind-full practice, that can easily be integrated into our lives.

Courses – For those wanting to work through anxiety and other issues, in their own time, at home.

Talks – on anxiety, working with emotions, trauma, constellations, how to meditate and embodiment.

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