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Hi. Fiona Robinson here. I help you reclaim your life balance from the disruption caused by external and internal factors, by doing Reiki, sometimes enhanced by crystal placement. I also offer oracle card readings and a superfood, Moringa.

“Reiki” combines two Japanese words, “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” meaning life energy.

As a Reiki-ist I act as a conduit to this universal energy, while placing my hands just above my client . This universal energy, which is freely available, encourages the self-healing of the body, by returning balanced functioning at every level … physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It also reduces stress and relieves pain and anxiety. The premise is that the body, in fact, knows how to heal itself.

Reiki being an energy modality, can be offered at a distance, so you can enjoy a session without leaving the comfort of your home.
One- card oracle card readings can give insight and guidance for the day, while three-card readings can awareness and guidance related to a specific query.

Moringa Initiative, the company which produces Teas, capsules and powder, from organically grown Moringa trees, has the slogan, “Nothing added, nothing taken away”.

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