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I am Simone, a certified 200hr classical hatha yoga teacher and am registered with the International Yoga Alliance. As an RYT, it is my duty to continue education in my chosen field of yoga teachings. I trained under the wisdom and guidance of Christine Withiel from the Jivananda Yoga Shala in Durban North. My continued learning aspirations include a 300hr teacher training in India at the Akhanda Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, trauma-informed yoga therapy and the application of yogic philosophy as a lifestyle.

I teach three specified classes which are explained below…

~Traditional Hatha Yoga classes are the basis of making yoga ‘physical’. These classes include asana (posture) and may include chanting of mantras, pranayama (conscious breath work) and meditation. My classes are focused on self-inquiry, alignment, breath, and awareness. These classes are themed for an in-depth discovery of the anatomical, philosophical and energetic elements of yoga.

~Vinyasa implies continuity, fluidity, connectivity and the setting out with the intention of returning to the same place, somewhat changed. The key aspect to a vinyasa class is the synchronisation of movement and breath. We move from pose to pose through the inward and outward flow of breath – allowing the breath to guide the body. These classes are aimed at the more experienced yoga practitioner as we do not go in-depth into alignment of each posture.

~Beginners and fine-tuning classes are where I started my own practice. These classes offer a slow and gentle introduction to all aspects of yoga (not just alignment of posture).

The intention behind my teaching is to offer a safe space for you to reconnect with your most authentic self, your truest nature. In doing so, becoming more aware of the environment around you and the energy that ebbs and flows through you, and every other living organism that shares this planet with you. Initiating and maintaining this connection through conscious thought and mindful action, you will awaken to the magical nature of all life and the great treasures that lie beneath the surface.

The meaning behind the name:

GAIA (Mother Earth) energy is strong, feminine energy. Creative, protective, intuitive, nurturing, grounding, supportive and loving. When we attune to this energy, we emit these vibes, attracting into our lives only that which serves us. Living in harmony with our true selves and in cohesion with the natural world around us opens us up to the unlimited well of bliss and joy that resides within us.

LOVE vibrates at a frequency that has the power to conquer all fears and illusions. #nuffsaid.

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