In Touch Kinesiology

Each session takes approx 60 mins. Client remains fully clothed and lies on a treatment table. Adults and children are welcome.

I work from a home studio in Hilton, in the fields of Kinesiology and Life Alignment. Having trained as a Specialized Kinesiologist, I now work mainly through Life Alignment techniques. Since both therapies use muscle monitoring for a client-directed approach, your body knows best and will choose the therapy that best suits YOU!

Life Alignment is a healing system for the body, mind and heart. By clearing internal conflicts and energetic blockages, we can free ourselves to align with our essence of ` who we truly are.’ We can become gently present and `in touch’ with the magic and mystery of life! This form of energy medicine takes a holistic, intuitive and spiritual approach to transformation. It is developed from a synthesis of ancient healing wisdom and modern science. I use two aspects of the Life Alignment Techniques as taught by Dr Jeff Levin.

  1. Life Alignment Healing addresses obstacles to physical and psychological wellbeing and spiritual growth (dealing with a wide range of issues, presenting as a stress to the natural balance of the body). We establish a `root cause’ through muscle monitoring. Using energy healing and emotional processing, the client is then guided through a process of self healing. The release of energetic blockages, toxins and negative feelings combined with the receiving of universal healing energy allows the client to be free of past patterns. This brings about deep healing, and can unlock one’s power and potential – bringing about an alignment to YOUR life’s purpose and gifts!
  2. Vortex Technology is based on small individually potentized magnetic cards, each with its own energy frequency and purpose. These powerful cards work both with the external environment and the internal human energy field. This technique assists in clearing the body of energetic blockages as well as harmonising our interconnection with the energies of the environment (such as electro-magnetic radiation; geopathic stress; pollutants in the air, food and water; and many other stressors). The result is an expanded consciousness – which affects the health of both our internal microcosm and our external macrocosm.

If the client chooses Kinesiology, I use a number of gentle techniques that assist in the treatment of a range of stressors – be they emotional, mental, or physical. Kinesiology determines the core issues/ areas very specifically and then, based on the body’s own innate wisdom and verified by a muscle response, the best form of treatment is indicated. I am a full member of the Association of Specialized Kinesiology of South Africa (ASKSA) and have practised this modality for a number of years.

“Healing an inner world in turn heals an outer world” – Dr Jeff Levin, Founder and Developer of Life Alignment

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