Soulled Healing

 Family Constellation work is experiential work that combines psychotherapy, and energy or spirit work in a format that allows you to see the dynamics of your problem with a heightened perspective.We delve into the concept that we are linked to our ancestry on a cellular and soul level and many of the problems we face are inherited through family systems and systemic belief systems which can be changed to create better outcomes. This approach  has a more Western therapeutic approach than traditional healers or rituals follow – but the intent is the same. The exploration of familial bonds , and both the negative and positive energy these bonds impart. By becoming more aware of these, we are able to live and parent in more conscious ways , creating legacies of love and well-being passed down to our children going forward. 

Family Constellation work can explore many facets from Karmic and past life bonds to family dynamics, trauma and grief work. It is not limited to one specific field. I offer Family Constellation sessions one on one,  and in group workshops both internationally and locally, both in person and on Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom.I have a special needs child and as such, I have experience in supporting families on this journey too. 

I am also a psychic medium which enhances the quality of the work I do, and I offer a range of services as follows: 

  • Family Constellation  work -one on one / group/ online
  • Space / House/Office clearings
  • Crossing over of trapped spirits (ghosts)
  • Coaching and support with your processes
  • Help to tap into more of your own intuitive abilities
  • Special needs family and individual support
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Melanie Goldstone