The Body Balance

The Body Balance focus on products that assist GUT health.This includes medicinal products based on naturopathic principles and foods / beverages that aid the terrain of the GUT to make it a favourable environment for good bacteria to exist.

Disease does not manifest in an environment that is full of all the beneficial enzymes & probiotics that fermented foods introduce. One can try all the different diets & protocols to heal a disease but often neglects to address the “state of the GUT” ie: cleansing & removing parasites & heavy metals to make absorption of the good foods possible. The Body Balance products cover all the steps from cleansing to maintaining a healthy GUT terrain.

Dr Robin Werner is a Doctor of Advanced Natural medicine who creates & prescribes some of these products in his practise.

Julie-Ann Hamar makes all the edible” food as medicine” & together they are The Body Balance which assists those who are courageous enough to approach their health & longevity without harmful, toxic pharmaceuticals.

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