Thrive Energy Coaching and Healing

I am a thrive activator, mind-body energy coach, mentor and healer. I work with people and horses to awaken and energise their innate power and natural ability to thrive and be their best.

I use different modalities and teaching models to help humans and horses not only kick-start healing and happiness but also find wellness of body and mind and soul. Born with empathic abilities that scared and confused me I spent most of my childhood and early adult hood running from my abilities. I finally embraced my gifts and studied through many energy modalities. I fell in love with Reiki and the ease of its directness. I fell in love with and studied the science and the brilliance of our quantum world. I use my innate ability to feel other people’s emotions and sometimes physical pain, if needed, coupled with intuitive reading, energy modalities and sound waves to entrain the mind-body into a new higher vibration for clearing, releasing, balancing, healing, health and happiness. I give my clients (the humans) the simple science of their quantum body and show them how to create a new mind for a new body and a new life.

I work with horses, horse trainers and coaches as well as riders and owners and handlers if needs be. I work with all horses from the rescued and rehabilitated horses, thoroughbreds, warmbloods and everything in-between. I empower them (the humans) with the knowledge of the equine energy systems and how our (their) energy affects the horse and vice versa. I help coaches and trainers to better understand the horse energy and behaviour which is often linked to blockages and disturbances in the horse and or rider/owner/trainer. I also work with their living environments using energy space clearing techniques to help bring the horses back into a harmonious state. All this is for better performance, health and ultimately happiness.

I offer 1-on-1 guided meditation using Sacred Acoustics brain entrainment sound waves. I have guided meditations that clients can purchase and listen to as and when they need it and I also tailor meditations for families with kids of all ages. I have been working with children through guided visualisation meditations to help alleviate anxiety and stress that is related to school or COVID or other health concerns.


  • Body-mind energy coaching (humans)
  • Bio-energy healing (humans)
  • Guided meditation (1-on-1 or family/groups in person or via skype/zoom/whatsapp)
  • Equine energy healing (horses)
  • Equine energy coaching (horse owners/coaches/riders etc.)
  • Space clearing (Homes, offices, stables, yards)
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Melanie Goldstone

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